WWE’s Be a Star gimmick is a joke.

-WWE’s Be a Star gimmick is a joke.

Last Monday on Raw, we saw movie stars and wrestlers at the kick off party for the WWE’s anti bullying campaign “Be a Star”. Watching this segment, I realized that the purpose of the party was simply to promote their new movie, “That’s What I Am”, as opposed to raising awareness about bullying. In these cases, the company is often a wolf in sheep’s clothing looking to attach their name to a worthy cause in order to improve public perception. It’s well known among hardcore fans that the WWE turns a blind eye towards bullying in their own locker room. Many in the business cover this up saying they are simply “ribbing” someone in order to have a little bit of fun to break the stress of a long hard road schedule. Some even say this ribbing is a method used to determine if someone has what it takes to make it. Sometimes this is true, sometimes it’s not.

At the end of the day Vince McMahon does not care what happens in his locker room as long as it doesn’t lower the companies stock dividend. This is a problem and I think it sends a horrible message. Bullying has become an increased problem in the United States. More than ever we are hearing reports in the news of children and adolescents who are suffering form mental health problems as a result of bullying. The victims in these cases go through various stages of depression and anxiety which can lead to serious psychotic disorders and suicide. The “Be a Star” gimmick will cease to exist after the WWE is done squeezing every penny out of the movie. I love Wrestling. I can’t stand the way WWE does business sometimes.

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