Will Thanos Deliver in Infinity War?

Ten years and eighteen movies within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) have led us to the moment fans have been waiting for as Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters this weekend.

The trailers have revealed glimpses of all-out war, hence the title, along with the powerful infinity stones and the big purple bad guy who has been the looming threat over everything that has occurred in the MCU. Thanos is coming, and he is the ultimate evil in the universe.

However, Marvel has only produced a small handful of compelling antagonists. That can’t happen with the extraterrestrial warlord; Thanos needs to be the villain of the ages.

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Captain America: Civil War – Review (Spoilers)


Captain America: Civil War has evolved the superhero movie genre. There’s really no other way to describe the onslaught of comic book goodness and engaging storytelling that occurred during this wonderful theater experience.

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo were given a lot to work with and they made it all fit, very comfortably into this lexicon that we affectionately call the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is first and foremost a Captain America movie, which is the film’s biggest accomplishment, even with everything else that occurred.  Continue reading “Captain America: Civil War – Review (Spoilers)”

Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War


Captain America: Civil War, hits theaters next week and excitement is at an all-time high due to the film’s positive reviews and the appearance of a certain wall crawler. While Iron Man and Captain America have significantly raised Marvel’s profile over the last eight years, Spider-Man is the crown jewel of their character collective. If Batman and Superman are the two most iconic superheroes of all-time, then Spidey is number three on that list.  Continue reading “Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War”

The Iron Week Spectacle of “Brutal” Bob Evans vs. Todd Sople


(Column written for gerweck.net)

Contrary to popular belief, the best wrestling match this past Monday night did not occur on television. Instead, it took place at the New England Pro Wrestling Academy in North Andover, Massachusetts. “Brutal” Bob Evans wrestled Manchester, New Hampshire’s Todd Sople in a sixty minute iron man match as the second installment of “Iron Week.”

Iron Week is a challenge for some, a happening for most, and a journey for Bob Evans. The concept of Iron Week consists of seven 60-minute matches taking place over seven consecutive days. Evans did this once before in 2009 for six days and this year he would like to break own record. At 40 years old, this is Evan’s second chance to make a lasting impression as time is not on his side. The end game is to make a lasting impression in order to wrestle on the national stage on a regular basis.

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