Crisis on Earth-X: Review

While DC Comics is having difficulty getting their act together on the silver screen, their television properties are coming up all aces. The CW Network’s yearly crossover event premiered last week as Crisis on Earth-X saw the heroes from all four “Arrowverse” television shows battle Nazis from Earth-X.

A little history lesson. There are 52 versions of Earth in the multiverse. The heroes from ArrowFlash, and Legends reside on Earth 1 while the crew from Supergirl live on Earth 38. Interdimensional travel called breaches allows the heroes to travel between parallel Earths where they sometimes meet different versions of themselves, aka doppelgangers.

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Supergirl Takes Flight



If you’ve watched any television program on CBS over the past several weeks, then you’ve seen the bombardment of advertisements for the newest show to enter the superhero fray.

Supergirl is here at last…officially. The fact that Supergirl was ordered to series before the pilot was even filmed tells you that CBS is banking on this property to become one of its flagship shows. Programming based on comic book entities is all the rage right now, so it’s a calculated risk.

This is a chance for the network to, in some ways, succeed where DC Comics has failed with the character. The majority of Supergirl’s notoriety comes from the wide array of Halloween costumes you can buy in her likeness. Many of them are tailored in the promiscuous persuasion, therefore highlighting sexiness over heroism.

Arrow and The Flash executive producer Greg Berlanti, along with executive producer Ali Adler, look to do the character justice as this is the first female lead superhero of a comic book show, which is kind of amazing considering the slew of Marvel films that have been released.

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First Photo’s of Melissa Benoist as Supergirl. (Yes, I’m Blogging about a Costume)


I’ve received a lot of messages over the last six days with everyone asking me one very important question. What do I think of the new Supergirl costume? I found this kind of weird since its WrestleMania season, but hey, I’m game.

CBS has just begun production on a new Supergirl television show that is scheduled to air this Fall. Melissa Benoist of Glee and Whiplash fame has been cast in the titular role and the first photos of her costume has received enormous feedback.

Most people seem to like the outfit, but there are others who don’t like because it’s too dark. Seeing the first image of any actor in a superhero costume is a big deal because it’s our first glimpse into a new world.

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