Justice League: Review

Divisive is the name of the game when it comes to DC Comics’ films. Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman, and Suicide Squad all received mixed reviews. Wonder Woman was a bonafide hit with everyone, but now it’s back to the status quo with the latest film in the series, Justice League.

Digital mustache removal, crappy CGI, inept story, and a botched Superman resurrection led to a massive critical lambasting of the film. Bad reviews don’t scare me out of seeing a movie because I need to see it for myself before casting judgment.

Is Justice League another step down for the DCEU? Is Justice League worth your time and hard-earned money? I’m here to report that Justice League is freaking amazing despite any minor problems, and these issues do not distract from an enjoyable movie. Continue reading “Justice League: Review”

Wonder Woman: Review

It’s fair to say that the DCEU slate of films stumbled out of the gate. Man of Steel received mixed reviews with the needle slightly towards positive. Three years later, Batman v Superman seemingly pissed off everyone on the planet, and Suicide Squad was a bittersweet victory for Warner Bros.

Much like how The Force Awakens had the unenviable task of bringing that “Star Wars Feel” back to the franchise, director Patty Jenkins had her own uphill battles to climb with the latest blockbuster superhero film. It had to be great, not good, while not only reinvigorating a shared universe, but it needed to be progressive in a manner fitting contemporary society.

And it all had to be done with a female lead.

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Review: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (non-spoilers)

After three years, it’s finally here. The two titans of the superhero genre lock horns to usher in the shared DC Film Universe. The plot revolves around the clashing of ideologies between Batman and Superman as they each deal with their struggles. Kal-El now resides in a world where public opinion is divided on whether or not a God-like being should exist in society.

The Caped Crusader is fueled by the tragic events that occurred at the end of Man of Steel, compounded by the constant grief he carries due to the murder of his parents. This grief pushes him to launch his war with the staunch belief that if he can’t put the unstoppable in check, nobody can.

There are a lot of different ways that people are going to look at this movie. Film purists will curse “BvS” with utter conviction due to its overstuffed narrative. 

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Krypto: SUPERman’s Best Friend


There is a lot of news coming out about the upcoming Batman V Superman movie regarding various characters who may or may not be in the film. Wonder Woman is confirmed, Aquaman and Doomsday are heavily rumored, and even secondary Batman villain KGBeast might make an appearance. However, I couldn’t help but notice that a certain super-powered canine was missing from the rumor mill.  Continue reading “Krypto: SUPERman’s Best Friend”