Wrestlemania 28 Preview & Predictions

The showcase of the immortals is upon us once again as the 28th installment of Wrestlemania takes place this Sunday in Miami, Florida. The main course will consist of two world title matches, Hell in a Cell and the biggest professional matches to come down the pipe in years.   (Column I wrote for gerweck.net)

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“My Victory Over You Means Nothing” A Look into The Undertaker vs. HHH

(Column I wrote for gerweck.net)

On Raw, HHH told the world why he rejected the Undertaker’s challenge to a rematch at Wrestlemania 28. HHH said there was always a chill that went up his spine when he was in his presence. Last week, he didn’t feel the same way as he looked into his eyes and instead felt sad for him. He knows what type of beating he gave the Undertaker last year and now he knows the dead man’s limit. HHH said he would take him out once and for all and suggested that this may be what Taker wants but he won’t be the guy to do it. As HHH leaves, his music stops and the lights go out. A video message form the Undertaker airs stating his victory over HHH means nothing as he stares at images on a wall of him being carried out ala Ray Finkle style. He offers him one more chance at immortality and vows this is not over.

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The Ultimate Warrior lays Some Truth on Kevin Nash

The Ultimate Warrior and Kevin Nash are in the midst of conflict. Nash made some comments about the Warrior and the Warrior responded in kind and Nash went on the deep end on Twitter and challenged him to an MMA fight where each puts up $100,000 and winner takes all in Miami the night before Wrestlemania 28.

Mr. Warrior’s response

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