Quick Rant on CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho WrestleMania Match.

Courtesy of WWE.com

 Message board vultures are crapping all over the Punk vs. Jericho match from WrestleMania because it wasn’t the Steamboat/Savage encounter they were expecting. It’s an awful hard position to be in when you are expected to surpass what is arguably the greatest match of all time. It’s not as if Jericho and Punk said “Hey, let’s not try our hardest and see what happens”. They wrestled for 30 minutes and the crowd didn’t get into it until the 16 minute mark. Sometimes, when you put a wrestling match together, it sounds really good in your head but doesn’t translate as well when it’s time to execute the plan. They were hindered by a lack of crowd response, poor placement on the card and that stupid no disqualification stipulation. The last 10 minutes were fantastic to watch but it fell short of being one of those classic Mania matches you will remember forever.


Expecting the match to literally be the best thing ever guarantees disappointment because no match can live up to that expectation. Jericho and Punk have the potential to work such a match together, so don’t get mad when they give us a 9.0 instead of a perfect 10. We have the right to complain and voice our opinion as consumers but please, be reasonable about it. If you pay for perfection and get excellence in return, you should be satisfied and if not, it serves you right for expecting such impossible standards. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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