Dueling Review of Masks #1 & 2: The Comic Book Cross Over You’ve Been Waiting For

Masks #1 | Writer: Chris Roberson| Art: Alex Ross | Colors: Alex Ross| Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment | Price: $3.99


Dynamite Entertainment has been putting out some highly entertaining books over the last couple of years. Despite this, they don’t get too much love compared to the other independent publishers. There have been so many titles over the last twelve months that were razor close of being my pick of the week and it’s only fitting that the collaboration of Roberson and Ross finally brings Dynamite to the forefront.

This book has an amazing story coupled with astounding artwork that only Alex Ross could produce. You look at any Ross illustration and it screams epic and this is a story worthy of his touch as each panel looks like a fine painting that belongs in a museum.

The plot is centered on how the law has become a crooked mechanism for the corrupt to mold and frame to their satisfaction. When the law no longer serves the public and has lost their trust, there is only justice.

The joining of forces by these masked heroes is the perfect shield of protection. The story is constructed in such a way that all masks have a real stake in the events that are unfolding and that are not being brought together just for the hell of it. Green Hornet and Kato’s interaction with the Shadow perfectly set the tone for what we can expect to see.

You have the usual initial distrust between the protagonists until they realize they are fighting the same fight. This goes without saying, but you need to buy this book ASAP!!! If you have a tablet, the work shines just a little bit better on the screen.

Grade: A+

Masks #2 | Writer: Chris Roberson | Art: Dennis Calero | Cover: Alex Ross | Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment | Price: $3.99

The corrupt entity known as The Justice Party has taken over New York. Lawmakers bend the law to their will in order to line their pockets. This is a problem too big for one hero and it will take the combined effort of masked greats to make things right.

This issue picks up where the last issue left off as our heroes meet each other for the first time while battling armor-plated, and crooked, cops.

The Shadow inserts himself as the leader and demands a retreat in order for our newly assembled team to formulate a game plan. Chris Roberson’s direction not only sets a great pace but expands on the gravity of a violent situation.

He also reminds readers of what can happen in a police state as prisoners are executed simply because “it is easier.” I wish Alex Ross was doing the artwork. Dennis Calero’s art did a serviceable job, but Ross’s work set the bar high and help set the tone for what could be an epic comic book series.

Anything else is just a letdown, despite how good it is. Another thing that makes this story fascinating is the fact that the masked heroes are millionaires.

This sends a message, in small way, but still a message, to a world where the 99% feel violated by the rich 1% that there are good rich people in the world that do and will continue to do great things for the benefit of everyone.

Grade: A-

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