Rapid Rant on Zuffa Sponsoring Jon Jones for UFC 145 Bout

Jon Jones UFC 145 weigh-in shirt

There is nothing wrong with the UFC sponsoring Jon Jones for his upcoming bout with Rashad Evans on Saturday night. After all, their broadcasts are riffed with Tapout, Affliction, Muscle Pharm, Throwdown, and other fighter apparel. Yes, these companies pay the UFC over $100,000 for the right to sponsor a fighter, but that is the price of doing business with Zuffa. This is the first time they have ever sponsored a fighter, and it won’t be the last. In fact, Jones’ manager said in an interview that Alistair Overeem will be wearing UFC gear, presumably, in his next fight with Dos Santos, if it happens.

This shroud of favoritism suggests the company wants Jones to win, and maybe they do, but it wouldn’t be the first time. Remember the last time Evans fought in Atlanta? He ruined a big money fight between Chuck Liddell and Forrest Griffin with his sniper-like knockout over the Iceman. I don’t think it is anything personal though, it’s just the business.

At Boxing events, you never see fans wearing WBC or WBA merchandise. The opposite occurs at UFC events where that acronym has taken on a life of its own in combat sports. Why shouldn’t Dana White and the company capitalize on fighter apparel sales? It’s their company and their show. I understand it seems unfair, but history dictates that they will do what is best for them, and anyone who signs a contract with them knows this to be true.

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