Skeleton Key Special Review: Smiles Guaranteed

Skeleton Key | Writer: Andi Watson | Art: Andi Watson | Publisher: Dark Horse Comics | Price $3.50

Have you ever felt better about everything after reading something? Andi Watson’s tale of two friends trying to find their way home brought a big ol’ smile to my face as it filled my soul with joy.

School girl Tamsin, Kitsune, a fox spirit, and Mr. Raccoon use the Skeleton Key to open any door, as long as they can find a lock. The character’s positive nature never wanes, even though things aren’t always what they seem. They are clever without even knowing it, and their journey delivered a genuine sense of adventure and wonder.

The artwork is reminiscent of the funny pages.

No space is squandered as everything in every panel means something.

Emotion is depicted flawlessly, including one example where Mr. Raccoon is savoring the hotel manager’s donut.

While I was unfamiliar with the previous Skeleton Key comics, there was no lack of appreciation in any way, shape, or form.

The three separate stories all have their own unique flair and imagination to them. While writing this column, I have pushed some books more than others.

This is my most heartfelt recommendation; please get this book.

The cover would have turned me away years earlier because there is not a cape in sight. This is a unique and lighthearted coming of age tale that everyone will enjoy. The next time you go to the comic book store, go to the shelf and read the first five pages. I’m willing to bet your wallet will be three dollars lighter.

Grade: A+

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