Batman #12 Review

Batman #12 | Writer: Scott Snyder & James Tynion IV | Art: Becky Cloonan 

Colors: FCO Placencia |Publisher: DC Comics | Price: $3.99

Scott Snyder has written eleven remarkable issues and the 12th installment is no exception. Becky Cloonan takes artistic duties with this issue and her touch on this particular story was the perfect fit.

The DC Universe has a new player in town and her name is Harper Row. In fact, this issue is more about her than the Dark Knight himself. She is a strong, gutsy and smart woman who cares for her brother. They live in a rundown part of Gotham and she works an electrician for the city’s power grid.

She actually made her first appearance in Batman #1. The only reason I figured this out is because one of the panels she was in looked familiar. There is a moment in the story where Harper’s brother is mugged by multiple assailants because of his sexual orientation and Batman sends them packing.

I really enjoyed this because as young whippersnapper, I was picked on because I’m bi-racial. My imagination would get the better of me and I’d think to myself “If Batman had my back, these guys would never mess with me.”

You’d think these types of problems might be too small for a hero of Batman’s stature, but not in Scott Snyder’s world. I didn’t expect much from this issue since DC Comics #0 issues are released in September and the new Joker story arc begins in October.

Kudos to everyone involved for their work on another great issue and hopefully Becky Cloonan will make another visit to Gotham soon.

Grade: A-

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