Colder #1 Review

Colder #1| Writer: Paul Tobin | Art: Juan Ferrevra | Colors: Juan Ferrevra | Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Price: $3.99

One look at this cover, and you will no doubt thumb through the pages.  After that, your wallet will be four dollars lighter because this book is eerily irresistible.

We start out in the past and make our way to present-day Boston where antagonist, Jack Nimble works his devilish charm to satisfy his appetite for unsuspecting souls.

Nimble is a thin and creepy-looking individual who can contort his body in uncanny positions.

The lead character is a female nurse named Reece who cares for a live-in patient named Declan, who Nimble is drawn to.

As good as the writing it, and believe me, it’s good; the artwork is even more amazing.

The smile on Jack Nimble’s face scares me a little bit because of the evil intentions behind it. It’s a special type of talent to capture such essence in facial reactions. The simple stuff that we normally don’t pay much attention to in comics is drawn in vivid detail, such as the living room in Reece’s apartment.

Dark Horse has a sure-fire winner on its hands; the first installment of this psychological thriller has all the makings of an instant classic. This was ridiculously close to being my pick of the week.

Grade: A

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