The Examination of CM Punk in a Post Royal Rumble World


-Wrestling Soap Box: The Examination of CM Punk

434 days of championship bliss was ended by the people’s elbow on Sunday night. The 26th edition of the Royal Rumble is officially in the books, and The Rock is your new WWE Champion. If you are a hardcore wrestling fan who scourers the internet, you were probably bored with the predictable nature of this show. If you are a casual fan who stays away from the internet, or one who used to watch wrestling and came back for the Rumble, you probably loved this show. I spoke to a boat load of former fans leading up to the Rumble and here are some of their poignant comments in regards to CM Punk.


“He is not all that”


“This Punk guy is a joke”


“He is not believable at all”


“Why would this guy be your longest reigning champion?”


“The Rock is fighting that guy???”


“He looks like a skinny crack head”

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