Injustice: Gods Among Us #3 and #4 Review


Injustice: Gods Among Us #3  | Writer: Tom Taylor | Art: Jheremy Raapack | Colors: Andrew Elder | Letters: Wes Abbott |Publisher: DC Comics | Price: 99¢ | 

Tom Taylor hasn’t pulled a single punch in this video game prequel. In Fact, in this issue, he has thrown an armada of over hand rights to the jaw with the latest developments building towards a world of injustice. Lex Luther is usually the guilty party trying to destroy Superman through physical means with various LexCorp gadgets. The Joker, on the other hand, plays a different game and test the mettle of the Man of Steel like never before.


It’s weird to think that it would be the enemy of Superman’ best friend that would turn his worst fear into his greatest tragedy. Taylor’s script was superb in this aspect because Joker’s triumph was so easy. Years of mental warfare with Batman and he’s never reached his end game. The Dark Knight knows how bad of a place the world can be. Superman, to an extent, does not, and Joker took full advantage.


Jheremy Raapack imagery was excellent when it needed to be and including the final moments where Superman kills Lois Lane, and his unborn child thinking she was Doomsday due to being infected by Scarecrow’s fear toxin laced with Kryptonite.


Injustice: Gods Among Us #4  | Writer: Tom Taylor | Art: Jheremy Raapack | Colors: Andrew Elder | Letters: Wes Abbott |Publisher: DC Comics | Price: 99¢ | 


Superman’s fall from grace is now complete. The women he loves is dead and it is all just a laughing matter to the clown price of crime. Tom Taylor does a fantastic job of constructing the beginning stages of a Man of Steel who is no longer holding back. In a way, Taylor script reveals just how powerful and savvy Superman really is and makes you wonder if he should have been this way all along?


Jheremy Raapack beautifully illustrates this moment in a confrontation with Green Lantern where Superman sarcastically says “Most powerful weapon in the universe” before he takes him to the wood shed. The costume choices are an apropo mixture or new, old, and popular. Superman dons his new 52 attire with a dash of Henry Cavill’s “Man of Steel” influence while the Joker’s look is straight out of the Arkham Asylum video game and Batman sports his threads from The Dark Knight trilogy.


It is clear that sides will be chosen, alliances will be forged and lines will be unspeakably crossed. There is no point of return for the inhabitants of the DC Comics universe as the World’s Finest is no more. Superman could have ruled the world whenever he wanted and now he is going to do so with an iron fist.

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