Batman Incorporated #8 Review: The Fall of Damian Wayne


Batman Incorporated #8 |Written by Grant Morrison | Art: Chris Burnham & Jason Masters | Colors: Nathan Fairbairn | Letters: Taylor Esposito | Publisher: DC Comics | Price: $2.99 | From my column THE PULL LIST @ Forces of

Twenty Four years after Jason Todd felt the cold hand of death, Damian Wayne is now a member of the dearly departed.

The New York Post, in conjunction with DC Comics, leaked the news two days before the book’s release. This caused a mad dash to the comic shop and many are reporting that the book was sold out in minutes. Stores that requested extra copies didn’t receive enough or didn’t get any at all.

At first, I thought spoiling the ending was the wrong call, but Grant Morrison’s script changed my mind.

Ever since Bruce Wayne came back into the fold, Damian has been on a mission to prove himself as the superior Robin. Seeing him and Nightwing fight alongside each other was the feel-good moment that made you wish the end wasn’t near. The art tandem of Burnham and Masters produced some strong images, including the Boy Wonder’s final moments, and perfectly captured the emotion of a grieving mother in Talia.

It’s weird that I kind of felt bad for her considering she is responsible for her son’s death. We all have come accustomed to the death and resurrection cycle in comic books. Still, we rush out and buy a copy because it will be worth a lot of money someday. I’m not passing judgment since I did the same exact thing but it makes you think about what we look for in our comics. Do we want well-written and well-drawn material, or just shocking events that will get people talking? The bottom line: If you are a collector then you should grab one and if not, check it out for the sake of being in the loop.

Grade: B

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