My Wrestling Dream Matches


What is your wrestling dream match? Anytime, anywhere and any era. There is no right or wrong answer because it is what you want to see.  Whether it’s a match that never happened or a contest that happened at the wrong time, fantasy booking or create a wrestler made on your favorite video game can makes dreams a virtual reality. Here are my seven dream matches and please, share your dream matches in the comment section as well.

7.) Jushin “Thunder” Liger vs. Jerry Lynn

Superbrawl 2, my first taste of Japanese wrestling as the original power ranger, Jushin “Thunder” Liger emerged from the entrance ramp and wrestled Brian Pillman in an exciting match with a style that was unfamiliar to U.S. fans. Around the same time Jerry Lynn and the Lightning Kid engaged in a two year feud that captivated fans in Minnesota, Michigan and in Dallas for the Global Wrestling Federation. Liger was established as the premiere junior heavyweight  in Japan and maybe the world, while Lynn remained unknown until his match with Rob Van Dam in 1999. They have worked in the same places at the same time but never stood across from each other in the ring. This would be a phenomenal match since both would match each other move for move in a stunning display of athleticism.

6.) British Bulldogs vs. The Eliminators

Tag Team wrestling made it’s biggest strides in he 1980’s. Teams like the British Bulldogs often had best matches on the card. Davey Boy Smith was a amazing athlete, while the Dynamite Kid’s intensity and style had many considering him one of the best workers in the business. Any diehard fan of Extreme Championship Wrestling would tell you that tag team wrestling in the 90’s belonged to Perry Saturn and John Kronus. The Eliminators would out class their opponents with innovative offense and finished them with their signature maneuver, Total Elimination. These teams would be a match that would produce a perfectly blended symphony of old and new.

5.) Harley Race vs. HHH

Harley Race was a man’s man of the squared circle. A seven time world champion had legendary feuds with Terry Funk, Dory Funk Jr., Dusty Rhodes ,Ric Flair and his last feud with the Junkyard Dog culminating at Wrestlemania III He has a reputation of being a legit badass in his prime and he perpetuated that inside the ring. His promos made me believe this dude with the afro was not to be trifled with. HHH is cerebral assassin who will do whatever it takes to decimate his opponent both physically and mentally. Winning is what Race and HHH crave the most. They have great timing in the ring and they can have a great match with almost anyone. This would be the heel version of the irreparable force versus the immovable object.


4.) Andre The Giant vs. The Undertaker

Big guys come and go, but there always ends up being one giant of the squared circle that defines a generation. Fans of yesteryear would definitively put their stock into Andre The Giant while those of the WWE Universe would side with the Undertaker. Long time fans would crave to see the battle to determine who the best big man of all time is. They are both staples of Wrestlemania which is something few people can claim. Both would present a challenge to the other that they have never encountered before and fans would be racking their brain with the age old question, who is going to win?

3.) Shawn Michaels vs. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat

Do I really need to try and sell you on this? The answer is no but I’ll do it anyway. A babyface Dragon locking horns with a heel showstopper would would present the perfect blend of professional wrestling. Action, excitement, drama and suspense would all be present and accounted for. Shawn Michaels played the cocky asshole like no other and Ricky Steamboat was that good guy you loved to cheer and root for. They are both extremely dynamic in every aspect of their work and I believe they would be a main event draw in arenas all around the world.

2.) Macho Man Randy Savage vs. “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka

Macho Man vs. The Island Man. The Elbow Drop  vs. The Superfly Splash. Two of the most recognized finishing moves and characters of all time will take center stage as who can withstand the onslaught of the other’s maneuver? I know they worked each other when Macho was King and Sunka was past his prime. These two would have had an amazing program that would be similar to the Michaels vs. Steamboat match with the entertainment factor turned up to max volume.

1.) Bret Hart vs. Kurt Angle

This match would be a technical masterpiece of epic proportions. The excellence of execution versus the Olympic gold medalist. Individually, they have won more championships and had more five star matches than anyone can count. A wrestlers wrestling fan would salivate over the precision and spectacle this match would produce. This feud would span over many years as their styles make them tailor made for each other. The storyline to simply determine who is the best wrestler in the world doesn’t provide the entertainment value the majority of wrestling fans crave. Even if you prefer your professional wrestlers to have more personality than mat savvy, Hart and Angle’s exquisite blend of catch-as-catch-can style and storytelling would make any fan cheer with thunderous applause. Yep, it’s official, I would sell my soul to see this match.

4 thoughts on “My Wrestling Dream Matches

  1. Triple H vs. Harley Race is an interesting choice given that Triple H patterns a lot of his approach in the ring after Race’s style. The fact that Triple H likes Race as a wrestler gives me some hope that maybe we can return to a more a wrestling-oriented product with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon heading up the company soon. I agree with you that Race always came across as someone who was tough in real life, so had they fought, he and Triple H probably could have projected a serious style of match.

  2. My dream matches
    John Cena v Ric Flair for WWE Champion
    Big Show v Andre the Giant
    Macho Man v CM Punk
    Ultimate Warrior v Pat Patterson for Intercontinental Champion
    Stone Cold v Kevin Owens
    Rey Mysteiro v Kalisto whoever loses gets to take the mask off
    John Cena v Shinsuke Nakurmura

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