Action Comics #19 Review


Action Comics #19 | Writer: Andy Diggle | Art: Tony S. Daniel, Batt | Colors: Tomeu Morey | Letters: Carlos M. Manqual | Publisher: DC Comics | Price: $3.99 | From my column @ Forces of


Now, this is what I’m talking about! Smashing giant robots and some great interactions between Lois and Clark make this the Superman book we should have got when the New 52 began. The ongoing Superman series is a cluster&%#$@, Grant Morrison’s run on Action Comics had its hits and misses, and he borders on being an arrogant frat boy in Justice League.


The brass at DC Comics can’t agree on the Man of Steel’s character portrayal. This is evident by this being the first and only issue written Andy Diggle since he left the company due to “professional differences.” Furthermore, Tony S. Daniel will finish scripting the arc using Diggle’s plot and will leave the series after.

That is a real shame because this is the first time Superman has felt like Superman. This story takes place one year before the New 52 began, and Lex Luthor is up to his alien hating ways. His portrayal thus far has kind of been disappointing, but Diggle changes that.

Luthor hatches a plot that will tear Superman apart from the inside out. We’ve seen this kind of thing happen to Superman in the past. However, he has had Batman and others to help him. He doesn’t have that this time, so he is on his own.

Tony S. Daniel is always money in the art department and this issue is no exception. His depiction of Lois is spectacular and the perfect complement to Diggle’s interpretation of the character. Of course, his work shined most during the battle scene where Superman unloads on some bad guys after being blasted out the sky and charges at them after saying “ Didn’t throw the first punch. I’ll throw the last.”

There was no Sholly Fisch backup story which was usually the best part of the book. Honestly, as much as it might be missed, it was not required as everything is straight forward. While I worry about future installments due to the creative shake up, this issue is something Superman fans can be proud of.


Grade: A-

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