Justice League of America #3 Review


Justice League of America #3 | Writer: Geoff Johns | Art: David Finch & Richard Friend | Colors: Sonia Oback | Letters: Rob Leigh | Publisher: DC Comics | Price: $3.99 | From my column at Forces of Geek.com

JLA improves upon the mistakes of the canceled Justice League International series by making the little things matter. For example, The U.N. commissioned the JLI with the intent of having a culturally diverse squad with no hidden identities.

A.R.G.U.S. runs this particular show, and Amanda Waller and Steve Trevor calls the shots. Geoff John covers a lot of ground with this issue that serves as the tip of the iceberg.

Waller handles the team’s public image with a disappointed Star Girl while Trevor hatches a plan to flush out the secret society. The other elements of the story serve as a potential sign of things to come.

Vibe is still trying to get the hang of his powers, which is interesting because his placement on the team was designed to take out the Flash, who expertly knows how to use his powers.

Despite all he has done, Green Arrow is not allowed on the team, but Catwoman, a convicted felon, is allowed on the team since her presence is essential to the League’s mission.

David Finch’s art is always fun to look at, and the image of Hawkman punching Green Arrow in the night sky looked like it should have killed him.

It is abundantly clear that Martian Manhunter is not to be trifled with and Matt Kindt (Mind Mgmt) produces a mind-bending back story that digs deeper as to why.

Unlike most Justice League back stories, this one examines the plot within the plot that was a small element of Geoff Johns’s story, but Kindt makes it an essential piece of the puzzle.

The Kindt/Manhunter combination fits like a glove, and an ongoing series is something the DC Comics brass should explore. The third time seems to be the charm for this new series as the setup and establishment is over and now the team swings into action.


Grade: B+

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