Daredevil #26: The Best Book of The Year?


Daredevil #26 | Writer: Mark Waid | Art: Chris Samnee | Colors: Javier Rodriguez | Cover: Chris Samnee & Paolo Rivera | Publisher: Marvel Comics | Price: $3.99 | From my column @ Forces of Geek.com

If the Eisner award-winning Daredevil #7 is Mark Waid’s Mona Lisa, Daredevil #26 is his David sculpture.  Breathtaking ingenuity is found on every page, every panel, and every word balloon.

Matt Murdock is coming off the absolute worst beating of his life. He is scared out of his mind and has to put it aside to make it to Foggy Nelson’s first session of chemotherapy. The one-dollar price increase of this book is well justified as it is our hero who gets invaluable help from his friend who needs it the most.

Chris Samnee’s artwork knows no bounds when it comes to the “Man Without Fear,” and this issue puts the exclamation mark on that statement. The old school flavor tied with his depictions’ intricate nature marvelously augments the story from beginning to end.

We also get a back story where Foggy is asked to spend time with children who share his illness. He feels silly being there because he feels he has nothing to offer them, but he soon discovers that they have something to offer him.

Mark Waid has written a plethora of amazing comic books over the years. However, there is something about this Daredevil run that is completely enthralling.

I don’t know if it is just the right creator with the right character, but speaking as a comic book fan, it is a true privilege to read, examine and explore. My imagination is better off for doing so.

Pick of the Week? Maybe Pick of the Year.

Grade: A+  

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