Flash and Green Lantern’s First Meeting


The Flash Annual #2 \ Writer: Brian Buccellato & Nicole Dubuc | Artist: Sami Basri & Cully Hamner | Colorist: Stellar Labs | Publisher: DC Comics | Price: $4.99 | From my column @ Forces of Geek.com

“When Barry Met Hal” provides an inside look at their friendship over the years.

What begins in the past culminates in the present as the residual effects of a previous crime rears its ugly head. Of course, the residual is Green Lantern’s fault, and while on the surface, there are deadly consequences but it’s really just Hal being Hal.

Brian Buccellato writes this in a way where the reader lives vicariously through Flash because we’ve all had that really good friend that has gotten us into a sticky situation.

You want to choke them out and swear you will never speak to them again, but in the end, you have their back, and the friendship becomes stronger as a result.

Batman and Superman’s legendary friendship is one of the things that make them a popular duo. Flash and Green Lantern’s bromance should be on the same pedestal because certain variables make it more relatable.

Nicole Duback penned a nice back story highlighting how even a hero can’t save everyone all of the time, but you can help push things in the right direction. This was the right story to tell for this second annual because Hal is away on Oa running the Lantern Corps, and Flash is doing his thing on Earth with the Justice League. It may be a while before their shenanigans can entertain us again.

Grade A-

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