Daredevil #30 Review

Daredevil #30  | Writer: Mark Waid | Artist: Chris Samnee | Colorist: Javier Rodriguez |Letters: Joe Caramagna | Publisher: Marvel Comics | Price: $2.99 | From my column at Forces of Geek.com

Thirty issues in and Mark Waid has been the mastermind behind what is arguably not only the best Daredevil run of all time but also the best series in the game today. The preview at the end of last month’s issue made me super excited. I mean, come on: A Daredevil and Silver Surfer team-up!? How are they going to pull this off? I’m here to report that it was pulled off spectacularly.

Ru’Ach, an Achian, is a galactic fugitive who seeks the counsel of Matt Murdock. This moment is great because his idea about hiring Murdock is based on an inebriated commencement speech. Silver Surfer comes in to apprehend Ru’Ach, and Murdock stops him in his tracks since he feels his “client” is innocent until the Surfer proves otherwise.

The adventure they embark on was an absolute pleasure to be a part of, and Chris Samnee’s two-page spread of Daredevil driving Silver Surfer’s board was priceless and needs to be made into a poster ASAP. This issue has a little bit of everything from comedy to action and everything else in between.

This is definitely one of the best single issues of the year, and you owe it to yourself as a comic book fan to read this issue.

Grade: A+

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