Superior Spider-Man #18 Review


Superior Spider-Man #19 | Writer: Dan Slott | Artist: Ryan Stegman | Colorist: Edgar Delgado | Publisher: Marvel Comics | Price: $3.99 | This review is from my column @ Forces of

I got out of work early for a change on Wednesday and wouldn’t you know it. All five comic book stores I went to were sold out Superior Spider-Man #18.

Airing my grievances on this matter caught the attention of Dan Slott who retweeted my grumblings which blew up my Twitter account and resulted in several new followers. One of them even offered me their ComiXology version when they were done.

It serves me right since I’ve gone the digital route these days but I really wanted a physical copy of this issue because it brings us a Spider-Man moment we’ve been waiting to see for a long time. Spider-Man vs. Spider-Man 2099.

Was it everything we hoped it would be?

Kind of.

They duked it out alright but there encounter almost plays second fiddle to the larger issues at hand with the time stream being distorted, the drama at Horizon Labs, the Goblin attacks and everything going on in 2099.

Those story lines have been well written but I wanted the fight of the century. I would have been totally cool with just glossing over all of the other drama for a witty thirty two page slug fest.

The fight started off with a bang when Otto is shocked when he discovers that Miguel O’Hara (2099’s secret identity) knows he supposed to be Peter Parker. Moments later O’Hara calls Spider-Man “Low-Tech” and Otto completely loses it.

The moments were great but there were not enough of them for my taste. No complaints about the artwork and coloring. Ryan Stegman illustrations are always top notch and Edgar Delgado’s color treatment brings a lot of energy to the pages.

Overall, you should buy this issue not only for its historical significance but because it is a good story even if there weren’t enough meat and potatoes on the plate.


Grade: B-

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