Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #1: Review

Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #1 | Writer: Matt Kindt | Artist: Marco Rudy | Colorist: Val Staples |Publisher: Marvel Comics | Price: $3.99 | From my column @ Forces of

If you’ve ever read a comic book that tests the limits of your mind and imagination, Matt Kindt probably wrote it. His ability to make the reader question what they are reading and seeing in front of them is truly remarkable.

Marvel Knight’s tales involving Spider-Man tend to have a certain edge that the regular continuity books don’t possess. Speaking about continuity, Peter Parker is the resident web-slinger for this story, which is a nice change for those who miss the character.

Peter lives in a world where work as a photographer is drying up because Spider-Man photos are considered passé. He looks for work elsewhere, but his rep for being Spider-Man’s photographer makes it difficult for the ends to meet.

Parker takes a particular job that turns into a deadly escapade where he is taken to the edge of his physical and mental abilities. The detail of Marco Rudy’s artwork perfectly illustrates the madness Spider-Man is experiencing.

Val Staples’ coloring compliments the pencil and makes the reader feel that they are tripping on acid at times, which also conveys the gravity of the psychological peril Spider-Man is in, as his spider-sense is ringing nonstop.

The maze of twists and turns written by Kindt makes you wonder if this is real or just some horrible nightmare. The end of this tale reveals an insurmountable gauntlet of 99 problems for Spider-Man. Oh, and a bitch ain’t one.

Grade: A-

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