The Resurrection of Darth Vader


Not much is known about what J.J. Abrams has planned for the next Star Wars film. Rumors are circulating, but those are even few and far between. This is a good sign that everyone in the creative process is on the same page in keeping things quiet. I have a theory about one major thing that will occur in Episode VII. Darth Vader will not only be in the movie, but he will be a major part of the story.

I have absolutely nothing to back this up with. My gut tells me that Disney really wants him in the film. It would be an instant cash grab to introduce the Sith lord to a new generation of fans. Besides, everything in the Star Wars universe revolves around Darth Vader, and finding a smooth and plausible explanation for his resurrection is the key ingredient in making this work.

My imagination is running wild with all sorts of ideas on how this could be accomplished. Maybe, the Ewoks are really Sith lords, and they put Luke Skywalker under some sort of force hypnosis and snatched Vader’s body before he lit the fire? Click here to check out some of my other ideas at Forces of

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