Breath of Bones: A Tale of the Golem HC Review


Breath of Bones: A Tale of the Golem HC | Writer: Steve Niles & Matt Santoro | Artist: Dave Wachter| Publisher: Dark Horse Comics | Release Date: February 26, 2014, | Price: $14.99

When it comes to horror in comics, Steve Niles is truly in a league of his own. The way he brings fear to the forefront without blood and guts is simply remarkable. Breath of Bones tells the tale of a British pilot who crashes in a Jewish village which prompts a Nazi invasion.

Seeing the heart and compassion of the villagers before and as they aid the pilot gives the reader a certain anxiety when plight and slaughter become a possibility which shows the real horror of the story.

Of course, a giant supernatural clay monster conjured up to destroy invading bigotry kind of makes you wish it would happen more often. Fear is used as a way to instill terror in a person or situation. However, using it as a catalyst to inspire courage in these characters prove to be just as thrilling as it’s actual intent.

Dave Wachter’s detailed visuals are just a privilege to examine and they truly inject life onto the pages. Reading the four single issues was great but enjoying this as one collected work serves the story even better because you’re not waiting a month or longer between releases.

As a result, you will appreciate and feel the emotional punch even more. A monster fighting monsters make Breath of Bones a wonderful example of why comic books are a preferred medium used to escape reality.

Score 9/10

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