Superman Dishes Out Some Injustice


Gods Among Us Year 2 chronicles Superman’s tyrannical reign while the remaining forces of good plot from the shadows to overthrow the once christened Earth’s greatest hero. Year one highlighted the Man of Steel’s thirst for power as personal tragedy pushed him to the breaking point. Now that he’s obtained power through his own brand of law and order, we get to see how he keeps it all intact.


One of the dynamics established in the first seven issues is the hypocrisy of leadership. Ganthet, representing the Guardians of Oa, confronts Superman over his interference in Earth matters. Superman believes sitting on the sidelines was a mistake while questioning the Green Lantern Corps’s planetary interference across the galaxy. Ganthet says it’s the duty of the Guardians to help civilizations in need. Superman asks him to explain Krypton and Ganthet responses with deafening silence.


While this is an out of continuity series, it’s fun to see characters and mythos molded and shaped in different directions and the writers pull it off in a clever and simple way. For example, Commissioner Gordon reveals he’s known all along about his daughters extracurricular activities was great because of how he made the discovery…


He’s a detective!


This made me think “Oh yeah” because he is a reputable law enforcement professional with intimate knowledge of Gotham. It makes perfect sense and kind of drawing comparisons to Lois Lane not knowing Superman’s secret identity even though she’s a skillful investigative reporter.


If you haven’t jumped on the digital comics bandwagon, this is a good series to test the waters with. Injustice: Year 2 is a weekly release, with a delay here and there, that costs 0.99¢ per issue. Tom Taylor does a tremendous job of easing the reader into a vast world where everything you knew can be thrown out the window. 

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