Gustafsson Out, Cormier in against Jones at UFC 178


Extra, extra, read all about it. Alexander Gustafsson is out of his title fight rematch against Jon Jones, and Daniel Cormier will step in as his replacement on September 27th in Las Vegas. It’s a shame that Gustafsson is injured and will miss out on his opportunity for the time being. However, this new match up presents a plethora of possibilities.

I never want to hear about any fighter being injured, but Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier is the fight I wanted to see. All this hype about Gustafsson being the guy to overthrow Jones is a bunch of hogwash. Yes, the Swedish sensation gave the champion his toughest test, but everyone talks about it as if Gustafsson blew him away by a mile. It was a close fight, and I scored it for Jones 3-2. Gustafsson was gassed going into the 5th round and Jones picked his shots.

Right now, Daniel Cormier is Mt. Everest for Jon Jones. The Olympian is by far and away the best wrestler Jones will compete against. His striking presents a unique combination of speed and power, and he has a high fight IQ. Jones has a unique habit of beating fighters at their own game. If  he not only beats Cormier, but does so in the wrestling department, Jones will cement his place in the GOAT discussion.

It’s no secret that Jones and Cormier can’t stand each other, and their war of words on social media began before the fight was officially announced. Even their daughters have gotten in on the act which brings about the classic school yard banter of “My Dad can beat up Your Dad.” Despite how talented Jones is, he has not endeared himself to fans and the majority of them pay to see him lose. Cormier presents the greatest chance of this happening and their combined skill sets boasts a fight for the ages.

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