Did Ambrose vs. Rollins Deliver?

My friends and I get together to watch the big four WWE pay-per-view events and tend not to care about the other eight events, otherwise known as the B-Shows. With the WWE Network, I watch these shows even though I didn’t before. On Sunday, afternoon, I received a phone call from my friend Ryan telling me he was having a get together at his house for Hell in a Cell, again,which is a B-Show.

There was only one reason why we were getting together for a show that we would normally ignore. Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollin, in the main event, inside the Cell. This was the first feud that I had been legitimately excited for in a while. I mean, how could this match go wrong? Well, some feel the match delivered tenfold while others believe it left a lot to be desired.

I wrote an article breaking down the match for the Camel Clutch Blog titled “Gimmicks in a Cell”

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