Ant-Man #1 Review


 Ant-Man #1| Artist: Nick Spencer  | Artist: Ramon Rosanas  | Colorist: Jordan Boyd  | Publisher: Marvel Comics  | Price: $4.99  | From my column at Forces Of

Marvel timed the release of this book perfectly as the teaser trailer for this summer’s Ant-Man film recently debuted. More people are talking about the micro-hero than ever before.   Hank Pym is the predecessor of this insect mantel, but this new generation will predominately associate the name Scott Lang with the character.

Nick Spencer puts together an entertaining story that serves as an introduction to the mythos of the character.

There is a lot of exposition in the form of a job interview that works very well. Lang is someone who wants to do right by his daughter but things keep getting in his way.

Sometimes, it is Lang himself who can’t get out of his own way, although it’s certainly not for a lack of trying which makes him an enduring protagonist. Tony Stark’s role as the potential answer to all of Lang’s problems is in sync with his new cavalier persona in the Superior Iron Man series.

The success of the titular character is paramount, but Stark points to a philosophical elephant in the room that questions the justifiable nature of Lang’s exoneration of past deeds and shortsighted decisions. Ramon Rosanas’ artwork really brings this story to life almost in animated form. Clean and detailed imagery coupled with great page layouts moved the story along at a nice pace. Seeing a security guard wonder how an intruder suddenly disappears was fun to watch and a cool way to highlight Ant-Man’s shrinking ability.

Spencer and company have put together a great first installment that firmly establishes the hero’s motivation which will play a key role in everything that occurs going forward. Those who never heard of Ant-Man and are jonesing for more information after watching the trailer would be well-served to pick up this book.

Score: 5 out of 5

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