First Photo’s of Melissa Benoist as Supergirl. (Yes, I’m Blogging about a Costume)


I’ve received a lot of messages over the last six days with everyone asking me one very important question. What do I think of the new Supergirl costume? I found this kind of weird since its WrestleMania season, but hey, I’m game.

CBS has just begun production on a new Supergirl television show that is scheduled to air this Fall. Melissa Benoist of Glee and Whiplash fame has been cast in the titular role and the first photos of her costume has received enormous feedback.

Most people seem to like the outfit, but there are others who don’t like because it’s too dark. Seeing the first image of any actor in a superhero costume is a big deal because it’s our first glimpse into a new world.

I’m surprised that fans get so upset when changes are made to the costume. I have news for you, THEY ALWAYS MAKE CHANGES TO THE COSTUME! What works on the printed page doesn’t always work on-screen.

Supergirl has undergone many costume changes over her fifty-six year history and everyone has their preferred variation. Supergirl’s current get-up in the comics makes her look like a space hooker so it’s not hard to understand why CBS went in a different direction with the uniform.


I fancy myself an expert in all things Kryptonian, so I will throw in my two cents on the costume. My only request of these endeavors is that when making alterations, don’t mess with the S-shield because it’s perfect in its simplicity. Surprisingly, I find myself liking the dark blue pallet instead of the yellow inside the shield.

The knee-high boots are a nice touch because you want the audience to take the character seriously instead of showing a lot of leg for sex appeal. The red cape is a little bland and could use a touch up with some yellow trim. As for Benoist, she looks strong and heroic with a dash of the girl next door.

Supergirl is a character that is primed for a big break in mainstream pop culture. CBS ordered a straight-to-series commitment before casting even began. Melissa Benoist is a talented actress who could be the key ingredient in finally embedding the Girl of Steel into the global consciousness like her famous cousin.

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