Big Easy Win for Old Man Hendo

Dan Henderson

It took Dan Henderson 28 seconds to prove the naysayers wrong on Saturday night in New Orléans as he dispatched of Tim Boetsch. The catalyst for Boetsch’s demise came in the form of an H-bomb special that crumbled the barbarian, causing him to count the lights in the Smoothie King Center.

When fighting Henderson, the fundamental part of anyone’s game plan should be to circle left to avoid his overhand right. And whatever you do, never charge in straight ahead. Boetsch did the latter and became another notch in the win column.

Some will say that this win proves that ‘Hendo’ can only beat middle of the road competition, while others will see it as a sign that the 18-year veteran has still got it. No matter how you slice it, the victory is an authentic accolade, regardless of Boetsch’s ill-conceived game plan, because Henderson has won with the same trademark on multiple occasions.

Michael Bisping would make sense as Henderson’s opponent if the ‘Count’ can get past Thales Leites on July 18th. It’s a fight with two marquee names, and the storyline is already written.

Bisping would most likely play the antagonistic orator, calling bullocks on the legitimacy of Henderson’s win over him in their earlier bout due to the TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) controversy.

Neither fighter is anywhere near a title shot, so putting these two together seems like the way to go. As for Dan Henderson, while he has nothing left to prove, there are more battles on the horizon as the old dog still relishes the fight.

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