NCW TV Episode #20

This episode of NCW Television is from last month’s Fallout event. This was my third time providing play by play commentary alongside my good pal “Toxic” Tom Warren. I tend to be my own worst critic, but I think this was my best outing yet.

I have a tendency to talk too fast and get way too excited when calling the action. I guess you can never get too excited when it comes to pro wrestling, but I believe I was able to find that middle ground between the straight man calling the moves in the ring, and storyteller who conveys the angles to the audience.

But enough about me though. After all, no one watches for the commentary. Check out the show, and let me know what you think in the comment section below.

Northeast Championship Wrestling


@NCWTelevision comes to you courtesy of Norwood Public Access (Verizon Channel 35/Comcast Channel 8) bringing all the characters, excitement, and wrestling action from the NCW rings right to you at home! For episode showings check your local listings, and for those outside the Norwood area keep up to date with episodes here on and at

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One thought on “NCW TV Episode #20

  1. Without a doubt you and Tom Warren have become a well-oiled commentary team in just a couple months, and absolutely enjoy watching the shows for your views and opinions. Thank you for joining the team Atlee!

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