Batman v Superman: Battles of the Past

Batman #612 | Creators: Jeph Loeb, Jim Lee, Alex Sinclair | 2003

DC Comics have treated fans to many fights between Batman and Superman over the years. Some have been great while others left a lot to be desired. Of course such an endeavor is easier said than done because there are so many creative masters to satisfy when having the two most iconic superheroes lock horns with one another.

During the critically acclaimed story arch Hush, where a villainous foe was sabotaging Batman from afar, Superman, under the control of Poison Ivy, was ordered to kill Batman. Superman’s tactics are predictable; which Batman uses to his advantage while respecting the fact that Clark could kill him with the flick of his finger.

Superman finds a way to pull his punches, which is a key component here, but they still pack quite the super-powered wallop. In the end, Batman realizes that even with all his know how and Kryptonite, he is not going to win a fist fight. He pulls out some devious tactics that appeal to the one thing about Superman that will always reign true: His love for Lois Lane.

In the second BVS trailer, an angry Superman yells to Batman “Stay down. If I wanted it, you’d already be dead.” This implies that he is trying to prevent another Zod neck snapping scenario. Perhaps Superman’s unwillingness to kill is the opening Batman needs in order to win the fight? We will all find out the answer on March 25.

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