Actors Who’ve Played Batman and Superman


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a mere two weeks away and some micro reviews of the film have already hit the web. While I’m not going to discuss them here, now would be a good time to look titular roles. Many actors have played Batman and Superman, respectively, and it’s hard not to compare actor A to actor B. Some have done wonders for the role while others were forgettable.

We’ve seen Henry Cavill as Superman, but this time we will get to know him as reporter Clark Kent. Ben Affleck casting as Batman almost started World War III when it was announced almost three years ago. Rumors and trailer footage all points to Afflack giving us a remarkable Batman, but see the film in its entirety will paint a clear picture.

Going back to the comparing game, we have to remember that these are two different incarnations of these iconic characters. Superman is still coming to terms with being mankind’s savior, which is something he took to rather easily in earlier films. Batman is older, grieving, and more brutal than ever before.

Without further ado, let’s look at some of the actors who’ve played Superman and followed by those who portrayed the bat of Gotham. 


George Reeves:
Superman and the Mole Man, Adventures of Superman TV Series (1952-1958)


For a very long time, George Reeves was the man thought of when one heard the name Superman. Reeves is the only actor to portray Superman and Clark Kent in both film and television. While Reeves’s struggle with the role behind-the-scenes is well documented, that didn’t stop him from entertaining millions of people for six years, in black and white and in color.

Some might feel that Reeves gets more recognition than he deserves because he was the first mainstream Superman. The show was a huge hit during its time and the complex layers of pathos and mythos weren’t attached to the character like they are today. Superman’s direct approach to truth, justice, and the American way was just right.

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