My Declaration for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice needs to be a great film, not a good film because good isn’t good enough. While this movie will establish the shared DC Films Universe, planting the seeds for future flicks with an Easter egg here and a cameo there is ancillary.

I want a movie that is worthy of the titular characters on the marquee while awakening my eight-year-old self. This film needs to finally settle every “who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman” argument I’ve ever had without dis-serving the iconic reputation of either hero.

The presentation of Wonder Woman deserves, needs, and must be the female heroine we’ve been longing for. No damsel in distress, no hidden social commentary about how women are just as strong as men. Diana Prince should be graceful, strong, and intelligent to the point where people walk out the theater calling her a superhero without the word “female” in front of it.

Superman needs to find himself so he can become the beacon of hope we all aspire to become. Batman does enough brooding for the rest of us while residing in the dark. Let Superman be the light instead of worrying that people can’t relate to such an ideal.

The fight between Batman and Superman needs to be epic, logical, and have absolutely no plot holes with how the encounter is laid out. Batman can’t simply go in swinging with the “1%” rationality we’ve seen in the trailers.

Most important of all, there must be a winner. No ties, no draw, and certainly none of that cop-out storytelling where we’re left with an ambiguous ending where the audience decides who won or lost.

We’re paying our $11.50 for a ticket, you tell us the damn story.

Yes, I’m asking for a lot, but I’m just one fan. I’m sure there are other passionate Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman fans who want this movie to do them justice as it dawns.


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