The “Martha” Ending in Batman v Superman

I wanted to post a quick commentary on a particular aspect of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. People are strongly divided on how the fight between the two titular heroes ended. Some feel it was a cheesy byproduct of lazy writing while others believe it was the emotional crux of the film. 

It’s easy to understand why the ending was received poorly. The two most iconic superheroes bonding after learning that their mothers share the same name seems like something that would call for a cease-fire on the playground. Personally, however, it was brilliant in its simplicity not only because of the emotion it evoked but what the moment represented.

The very real danger Batman perceived Superman to be was only equaled to his inner rage fueled by the death of his parents, Martha and Thomas Wayne. When Superman uttered “Save Martha” with what appeared to be his last dying breath, Batman took it as an insult from his beaten foe because he is so consumed by his childhood tragedy.

Once Lois Lane rushed in and told Batman who Martha is to Superman, Batman realized that this alien has a mother, which made Superman human in his eyes. Of course, both of their moms sharing the same name helped matters, however, Batman would have lowered his spear regardless of whose name he heard because he is a hero that saves people.

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