WWE Announces New World Heavyweight Championship

Triple H announced a new World Heavyweight Championship, and the new champion will be determined at Night of Champions on May 27 in Saudi Arabia.

As the WWE Draft begins Friday on SmackDown, Triple H expressed the need for two top championships. Roman Reigns will remain the Undisputed Universal Champion and bring that title to whatever brand he’s drafted to, leaving the other brand with the new world title.

Various wrestlers made their claim for the new belt as it was positioned at ringside throughout the evening. Seth Rollins staked the most significant claim for the prize stating, “This is an opportunity to have a world heavyweight championship that is more about politics and part-timers.”

The physical belt draws heavy inspiration from the WCW World Title, which also became the WWE World Championship in 2002 until it was unified with the WWE Title at the end of 2013.

Introducing a new world title is an excellent way to fill the void fans have missed since Roman Reigns won the WWE Title and Universal Title at WrestleMania 38. Both brands will once again have a world title. WWE needs to ensure the new world heavyweight title doesn’t come off as a third world title because no one can beat Reigns.

In order for the title to be taken seriously right out of the gate, Cody Rhodes can not win it. Otherwise, it will come off as a consolation prize. There is no word yet as to whether the new belt will serve as a continuation of the previous world title or if it’s the start of a new legacy in WWE.

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