Omega/Danielson Deliver Grand Slam

Everyone wonder going into AEW Dynamite if Kenny Omega and Bryan Danielson would deliver a “Grand Slam.” Fans didn’t have to wait long as AEW flipped the script and opened the show with the highly anticipated dream match. It was perfect booking on multiple fronts.

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All About A Dream: Omega vs. Danielson

We’re on the cusp of witnessing a legitimate dream match in professional wrestling. For many diehard fans, Kenny Omega and Bryan Danielson are the absolute best wrestlers in the industry.

The two will lock horns on tonight’s episode of AEW Dynamite, ceremonially dubbed “Grand Slam.” New York’s Arthur Ashe Stadium will host the largest crowd in AEW’s 2 ½ year history, along with millions watching at home on TNT.

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10 Greatest ECW Tag Team Champions

Written for and published by What Culture June 2015

The design of tag team wrestling is to increase the amount of action and drama in a particular match. Four wrestlers can pull off certain moves and tell certain stories that two wrestlers alone could never do, such as blind tags and double team maneuvers. ECW revolutionized the wrestling business in the ’90s with hardcore action, mature storylines, and highly technical and competitive matches showcasing different styles.

Their tag team division was not only a pivotal part of the show, but they exuded the essence of the art by increasing the excitement in a promotion that was already extreme. The ECW Tag Team titles were originally introduced in 1992 under the promotional moniker of Eastern Championship Wrestling and an affiliate of the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA).

Seven tag teams held that incarnation of the championship until the promotion left the NWA in September 1994, when the company and the belts were rechristened Extreme Championship Wrestling. Three physical versions of the belts were fought over and defended until 2001, when the company’s original incarnation closed its doors.

Taz pupils Danny Doring and Roadkill were the final team to hold the titles and even defended them on the independent scene post-mortem. Thirty-one teams over eleven years produced many popular feuds and memorable matches with a mixture of uniformed duos and makeshift pairs that often stole the show. Some teams stood out and brought more to the table (literally) than others.

Let’s look at the 10 Greatest ECW Tag Team Champions.

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AEW Teams Up with The Owen Hart Foundation

In the surprising news column today, AEW announced a partnership with The Owen Hart Foundation to honor Hart’s legacy. The partnership will include various merchandising opportunities, including video game appearances, apparel, and action figures from AEW Jazwares line.

AEW will also produce an annual Owen Hart Cup Tournament where the winner will receive a Cup called “The Owen.”

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Looking back at 9/11 with WWE Documentary ‘Never Forget’ (Review)

I was sleeping in on the morning of September 11, 2001, for I thought it was another Tuesday off from school.

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AEW Delivers an ‘All Out’ Blockbuster

Photo credit: AEW

Years from now, when fans look back at All Elite Wrestling’s 2021 edition of All Out, they won’t just remember one of the most incredible nights in professional wrestling. Still, they will gain a deep appreciation for the nonconformist storytelling that led the way.

AEW owner Tony Kahn did things on Sunday night that the rules of booking 101 prohibit. Every veteran, booker, and experienced hand worth their salt would not have debuted four new acts on one show, much less two of them in the same segment.

One on loan from Japan and the other three officially signed, sealed, and “All Elite.”

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The Ballad of PWI’s World Title Recognition

Recently, Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) officially conferred World Championship status on The IWTV Independent Wrestling Championship and Pan-Afrikan World Diaspora Wrestling Championship. 

Since 1979, PWI has provided news and rankings with their highly selective World Championship distinction. This news took me down memory lane, recalling treks to the newsstand as a kid (RIP Bookends) to secure the latest issue. I still remember the first issue I ever purchased.

The magazine served as a kayfabe sanctioning body for the industry. Fans ate it up as it provided a sports motif, which made wrestling feel more legitimate. 

However, there is one time I vehemently disagreed with their ruling. 

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Thoughts on the 13 NXT Releases

Image: WWE

The bloodshed continues as WWE released 13 NXT talents Friday night during SmackDown. Many of the names on this list were currently on television, while others wrestled sparingly. What does this mean for the future of NXT and WWE? What about Triple H and Vince McMahon’s eye for talent? Bronson Reed is the prominent name on the list that includes:

  • Bobby Fish
  • Mercedes Martinez
  • Leon Ruff
  • Tyler Rust
  • Jake Atlas
  • Ari Sterling
  • Kona Reeves
  • Zechariah Smith
  • Asher Hale
  • Giant Zanjeer 
  • Stephon Smith (Referee)
  • Denzel Dejournette
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“Beautiful” Bobby Eaton Passes Away at 62

The wrestling world received some sad news today. ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Eaton passed away Wednesday at the age of 62. Deborah Eaton, Bobby’s sister, confirmed the news on Facebook.

Bobby started wrestling in 1976 and wrestled throughout the southern territories, Mid-Atlantic, Jim Crockett Promotions, and WCW.

Eaton’s biggest claim to fame was one-half of the Midnight Night Express with Dennis Condrey and Stan Lane. Jim Cornette managed both incarnations. Their battles with the Rock “n” Roll Express in the ’80s is one of the hottest wrestling feuds of all time.

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone in the wrestling business who has a bad word to say about Bobby Eaton, the worker, and the man.

Konnan, ten years ago, in an interview, talked about working with Bobby Eaton on a 1999 WCW house show in Alabama. Konnan was booked to go over, but he insisted on putting over Eaton.

Konnan’s request was denied.

When the bell rang, Konnan told Eaton and the referee he was changing the finish. Eaton went over to a huge pop, and Konnan expected to be read the riot act when he walked back through the curtain.

Instead, he was applauded for the finish.

When Konnan was asked why he went to such lengths to put over said Bobby Eaton, Konnan said Eaton is such a nice guy and wanted to give him a win in his hometown. That speaks volumes, considering the dog-eat-dog atmosphere of many wrestling locker rooms.

In any trade, some individuals are revered by their peers for how well they apply their craft.

Basketball hopefuls observe and admire how well Mark Price shot free throws.

Up and coming boxers are urged to examine the defensive genius of Pernell Whitaker.

Aspiring wrestlers are encouraged to study the work of Bobby Eaton.

Eaton wasn’t an elite high flyer or a technical wizard. However, he was a highly versatile jack of all trades who told engaging stories in the ring. Eaton is highly respected within the business for his talent as an all-around worker from bell to bell.

Oh man, that punch was a thing of beauty, and who can forget his top rope leg drop, the Alabama Jam. These attributes led him to a reign as WCW Television Champion along with a plethora of tag team titles.

Bobby Eaton leaves a legacy as a pioneer of tag team wrestling in front of the camera and the kindest gentleman behind the camera.

Ringside Roundup: Bray Wyatt, Adam Page, Ronda Rousey, Adam Cole’s Contract, More

– Bray Wyatt Released by WWE

WWE releasing Bray Wyatt was the big news of this past weekend. Wyatt, whos been out since WrestleMania in a losing effort to Randy Orton, was expected to return at any moment. At the end of the match, Alexa Bliss turned on Wyatt while simultaneously taking over “The Fiend” character.

WWE has released over 33 wrestlers in 2021, with Wyatt as the latest casualty with “budget cuts” cited as the official reason. The company is reportedly trying to get the payroll down, and with such an initiative, a wrestler’s on-screen range as a performer means more than ever. What do I mean?

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