Star Wars: Triple Force Friday Toy Hunt

Last Friday, the Star Wars marketing machine turned on the ignition with ‘Triple Force Friday.’ This marked the initial release of merchandise for the upcoming Disney + show The Mandalorian, the video game, Jedi: Fallen Order, and of course, The Rise of Skywalker. The popular Black Series figures with special “carbonized” packaging were among the most anticipated items.

This was the fourth installment of Force Friday. However, there was a lack of participation from retail stores this time around. Walmart only held a handful of midnight release events, and Target didn’t have any at all. Those who went to a participating store during regular business hours discovered there weren’t that many items made available.

Reports indicate Disney held back nearly “70%” of the merchandise to avoid spoilers for Episode 9. Plus, the divineness of The Last Jedi some retailers cautious.

Unfortunately, Triple Force Friday might represent how far the franchise has fallen since 2015. Still, even with some hiccups along the way, I had a fun time hunting for the newest goods from a galaxy far, far away. I hope you enjoy my video, and may the Force be with you.

PS: I drop a swear at the 3:13 mark of the video.

My Journey to The Force Awakens began at Force Friday


Last Friday, my journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens kicked off in style as the first wave of merchandise was made available for the first time. I decided to take advantage of this by attending one of the midnight release events so I could be one of the first to score some of the new action figures…….I mean collectibles.

One of my favorite things about Star Wars is its wide variety of space ships. The Hasbro toy company sells these vast vehicles as a part of their catalog, however, they can be a little pricey. In the upcoming film, there is an orange and black X-Wing fighter that is available for $80.00 retail.

Spending eighty large on one thing could limit the amount of items one can buy. I found a much cheaper and quality alternative courtesy of the Revell model manufactures SnapTite Build & Play kit. No glue, no tools, no paint, batteries included and easy to assemble, the finished product has great detail and makes for an excellent display piece.

I recently wrote an article about my experience on Force Friday with some pictures I took inside of the store. Click here to check out “The Force Friday Awakens” at Forces of