WWE releases four wrestlers, another quits

The big news of the day is the WWE released four superstars while another quits the company.

Melina: She was in the dog house for her Twitter comments about Trish Stratus “taking her spot” at Wrestlemania 27. Guess what? It’s not your spot. Wrestlemania pay days do not come with time well served unless your name is Undertaker or HBK. 90 days form now we will see her on Impact. She will be lost in the shuffle like everyone.

Vladimir Kozlov: Hate to see anyone lose their job. I believe Kozlov’s character had run it’s course. He was limited in his comedic role and comedy only gets you so far. Seemed like a hard worker. Hope he lands on his feet.

David Hart Smith: He never caught on with the audience. Didn’t show an ounce of charisma on television. Hell, I forgot he was on the roster 90% of the time. He is looking at jumping into MMA. He is friends with Josh Barnett and coaches catch wrestling under Billy Robinson. Robinson has publicly stated that if he personally trained Smith for 18 months, he could become the new UFC Heavyweight Champion.

Chris Masters: Again, sorry to see someone lose their job. When I saw him on TV all I could think of was steroids, given his history and all. He was able to bounce back for a second run with the company. I assumed they would give him a half decent push since they went out of their way to bring him back. If he needs a pay day, TNA is the place. Don’t expect anything grand.

Gail Kim : Stated on Twitter that she has quit the company. No tears to shed here. She wanted out and she got it.

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