Is Bobby Roode Bound for Glory?

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This Sunday, Bobby Roode will headline TNA’s signature event, Bound for Glory. He is set to face Kurt Angle for the World Heavyweight title in what will be the most important match of his career. This is also one of the most important matches in the history of TNA because they have a rare opportunity to create a new star within the industry.

A.J. Styles and Samoa Joe are the first names that come to mind when you think of TNA. Despite the company bringing these guys to the forefront of their notoriety, they are accustom to showcasing the superstars of yester year and those who were established elsewhere. Styles often gets a cup of coffee at being the top guy until the powers that be decide to knock him down to mid card status while Samoa Joe’s character is the complete antithesis of what it was in 2008. TNA is missing the boat on the majority of their roster because they are skipping over this generation’s wrestlers instead of utilizing them to their fullest. In a small way, at least the older guys have the luxury of they saying they are has beens while the younger guys could fall in the category of a being a never was. That is the real crime here and it’s a wrong that can be corrected, starting with Bobby Roode.

What makes the prospect of pushing Roode as the top guy so appealing is that he’s not some indy guy who was pushed right away because he developed a cult following on the internet because he can do a bunch of cool high spots. Bobby Roode’s ascension through the ranks is the product of hard work and having entertaining matches on a consistent basis. At 35 years of age, his 14 years of experience in wrestling, with 7 ½ of those years in TNA, brings an expected heightened maturity and appreciation for what possibly lies ahead. In order for this to work out best for Roode, TNA and Professional Wrestling, he needs to go over clean in the middle of the ring. No run-ins, no crazy stuff. Any other outcome is completely pointless.

Roode has all the tools to be a world champion and his body of work over the past year supports this fact. The best of 5 series between Beer Money and The Motor City Machine Guns was some of the best tag team wrestling in years. His promo with Hulk Hogan on 5/5 was delivered with great intensity and he made you care about the stand he was taking against Immortal. Roode went over in the Bound for Glory Series on 9/11 to earn his title shot and he has taken the ball and ran with it over the last four weeks between his interactions with Angle and his matches with of Fortune.

If your sold on Bobby Roode then this is the right decision and if you are not sold on him then we will find out what he is made of on Sunday. I’m not saying he is the answer to wrestling’s problems but winning the title is the best thing for TNA right now and maybe things will start to change.

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