All Guts & No Glory For Roode.

Austin wins WWF belt at Wrestlemania 14

Remember when Stone Cold Steve Austin went over on Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 14? I remember because I was at the Fleetcenter that night. Wrestling fans all over the world rejoiced because the Austin 3:16 era had arrived. Now, imagine if Shawn Michaels had won that match and Austin pinned Shawn in the rematch at the following months Unforgiven pay-per-view? Can’t picture it? Well, let me paint it for you. The revitalization that occurred in professional wrestling because of the Attitude era would have never materialized.

What should have happened at Bound for Glory

Now flash forward 13 years later and TNA completely ignores the blue print for success as Kurt Angle pins Bobby Roode to retain the  TNA title. Why would you push Bobby Roode to the moon, only to have him lose at your biggest event of the year? Is your business plan specifically designed to NOT make money? Sometimes, I don’t know how anyone abides TNA. I’m not saying Roode would have ushered in this new era but timing is everything in this business. Sometimes, you only have a certain window to make something happen until it closes, never to be opened again. The red, white and blue promotion of the Lex Express had everyone salivating over the prospect of Lex Luger becoming the WWF champion at Summerslam 1993. Instead, Vince McMahon decided to not put the title on Luger so fans would pay another $29.95 to see it again seven months later at Wrestlemania 10.  After Summerslam, no one cared if Luger won the title. The finish of last nights main event saw Bobby Roode bring his arm under the rope as the referee counted three and declared Kurt Angle the winner and clearly sets up a rematch. That type of finish is good for Turning Point or No Surrender but not Bound for Glory. TNA missed their window and it will never be opened again. They screwed themselves and they screwed Bobby Roode. Go ahead, put the title on him this Thursday. It won’t matter because at this point, Roode winning title means it’s just another guy with a belt.

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