Strikeforce Challengers results Las Vegas, Nevada


Strikeforce Challengers results       (coverage I provided on

The Pearl at the Palm in Las Vegas, Nevada

Commentators: Stephen Quadros, Pat Miletich and Mauro Ranallo


Prelim results:

– Andreas Spang defeated Willie Parks via 1st round TKO

– Quinn Mulhern defeated David Hulett by unanimous decision

– Bobby Green defeated J.P. Reese via Rear Naked Choke in the 3rd round

– Matt Ricehouse defeated Bill Cooper via unanimous decision


Main Card:

Middleweight- Referee Kim Winslow

Derek Bunson defeated Nate James via unanimous decision 30-27 across the board: Derek Bunson was the more aggressive fighter and took James downs at will even though he could not keep him down for long. James was poked in the eye with one minute in the first round. No point was taken away from Bunson. Same story in the second round until Bunson landed a belly to back suplex and James rolled through with a knee bar but Bunson escaped. Bunson had difficulty taking down James in the third round until he dropped him with a straight left hand and controlled him against the fence and on the ground for the remainder of the fight.


Light Heavyweight- Referee Steve Mazzagatti 

Trevor Smith defeated T.J. Cook via guillotine choke from top position  at 4:28  of the 1st round: Smith was just too strong for Cook as he took him down right away and kept working for side control until Cook escaped from the bottom position. Smith applied a sloppy arm bar and Cook got out of it and Smith caught him with the guillotine in the scramble.


Middleweight- Referee Chris Tognoni

Adlan Amagov defeated Anthony Smith via KO at 2:32 of the 1st Round: Amagov worked for the single leg takedown and planted him on the mat and worked from top position until Smtih got up. They traded punches until Amagov lands a hard right cross that Smith could not recover from.


Womens Featherweight – Referee Kim Winslow

Ronda Rousey defeated Julia Budd via submission by arm bar at 39 seconds of the 1st round: Rousey took Budd down right away and applied the arm bar. It was tight, and Budd had to tap out. This makes four straight first round wins by arm bar forRousey. “Judo” Gene Lebell was in her corner. Rousey called out Miesha Tate and Sarah Kaufman in the post fight interview.


Middleweight – Referee Steve Mazzagatti 

Lumumba Sayres defeated Antwain Britt via KO at 28 seconds of the 1st round: Britt  throws a right hand, Sayers ducks and attempts the takedown but it’s blocked by Britt. Sayres and Britt clinch against the fence and Sayres connects with a short right hook and an uppercut as Britt sinks to the canvas.

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