Wrestling Soap Box: Cena, Kane, Jericho & more!


Welcome to the first installment of my Wrestling Soap Box where I will rant, rave, analyze and make bold predictions on the latest happenings in “sports entertainment”.

– If anyone wanted the blue print on how to make the worst horror movie ever than watch this weeks episode of Raw. Kane played the role of Jason Voorhees while  Zack Ryder and Eve Torres played the innocent victims being chased through the woods. They ran from him all episode and found shelter in Ryder’s rental car, only to discover that a tire was slashed. Did they run? No. Did they try to find another car? Nope. Did they call the police using Ryder’s cell phone that he was Tweeting all night from? Oops, I wasn’t supposed to notice that…….and no. Ryder tried to change the tire while Eve hid in the car while screaming in fright. I’m sorry but if I was Eve I would have bounced a long time ago.

– Chris Jericho is back and people are annoyed. He comes to the ring and sarcastically panders to the audience and leaves without saying a word. He trolling the audience and I’m sure it sound like a good idea  but the execution sucks. You can’t leave the audience scratching their head for too long before they simply change the channel. The pay off better be huge otherwise Jericho will have Jeff Jarrett heat.

– Glad to see Edge, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Barry Windham are getting the Hall of Fame nod. Four all time greats that no one in their right mind can argue are deserving of this extraordinarily honor.

– Did anyone see the white Flash Funk aka  Brodus Clay aka the Funk-asaurus on Raw? BEST GIMMICK EVER!

– TNA is getting better as of late. Well, it’s at least watchable these days. No Hulk Hogan hanging around backstage makes a huge difference I guess. James Storm and Bobby Roode are doing a fantastic job with their turn in the spotlight.

– My pick for 2011 match of the year is John Cena vs. C.M. Punk on 7/17/11 at Money in the Bank. Most would say HHH vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania 27 was match of the year. It was an outstanding match and you will get no argument from me on that selection but Punk/Cena was more than just a match. It was an emotion, a state of mind, a happening that everyone was talking about. It was the first can’t miss wrestling match in a really long time that people absolutely had to see. I arranged text message results at my best friends wedding. That match had the perfect blend of action, excitement and drama. The Chi-Town faithful’s response to the match was a reminder of how fans use to enjoy wrestling matches by yelling, screaming, cheering and jumping out of of their seat out of pure enjoyment instead of making enough noise to justify a reaction. If you think I’m being too dramatic then go on you tube and watch a Bill Goldberg match from Nitro. The spear made fans jump out of their seat faster than someone sitting on hot coal. Can you tell me what finishing move garners that type of reaction today? The answer is a resounding no.

– The Internet Wrestling Community is heavily criticizing Kane’s attempt to turn John Cena to the dark side. Yes, It sounds like something George Lucas wrote. This storyline could pave the way for Cena to turn heel after losing to The Rock at Wrestlemania and his journey towards the dark side will be complete. Heels have to take more bumps and Cena can’t afford to do that with his bad neck. To work around this Kane will end up being Cena’s bodyguard which will be his way of saying thank you for embracing the hate. This angle could provide months of suspenseful TV with wrestler after wrestler failing to get past Kane and when one finally gets past the big red monster, fans will salivate at the idea of watching John Cena getting destroyed while paying their hard earned money. However, John Cena made 106 millions for the WWE last year so the only way he is turning heel is if CM Punk has shown any evidence that he can draw that kind of loot.

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