Amazing Spider-Man # 677 Review

The Amazing Spider-Man #677 | Writer: Mark Waid | Art: Emma Rios | Colors: Humberto Rios & Edgar Delgado
Publisher: Marvel Comics | Price: 3.99

Dan Slott takes the month off as Mark Waid places a little Daredevil magic on to the pages of Our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.
Peter Parker is doing his superhero thing while being down in the dumps over being kicked to the curb by Carlie.

Enter stage right Black Cat and Peter is saying “Carlie who” as he vies for her affection like a kid at recess. They go their separate ways after a little bit of rooftop flirting and Black Cat quickly finds herself in the hands of the NYPD for a crime she didn’t commit. Spider-Man obtains her the “legal counsel” of Matt Murdock in a hilarious encounter you have to see to believe.

Daredevil and Spider-Man investigate the crime scene until the ground come out from under them and individual standing at the top of the rubble of our buried heroes is a twist you won’t see coming. The art was not as vibrant as previous issues but the detail was excellent.

After all these year I still can’t get use to the eyes in the Spider-Man mask opening, closing and responding to the emotion of the moment. I mean, a mask doesn’t blink, but I’m not complaining as it was utilized heavily. This issue was Part One of a two issue story arc titled “Devil and the Details and Part Two will take place in Daredevil #8 next week.

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