Detailed Recap of The Ultimate Fighter Live on FX

– The show opens in the UFC training center with host Jon Anik and Dana White talking about the history of the show and what will happen this season. The fights are live this season. 32 fighters will battle for the chance to get into the house which means we will be treated to 16 fights tonight.


Dana White announces the qualifying matches will consist of only one five minute round. “Make if the best &^$#@& five minutes of your life” White says. He also announces that fan voting will determine the Knockout, Submission and Fight of the season. The prize carries a $25,000 bonus for the winning fighter.


It is also announced that the season winner and coach will receive a Harley Davidson motorcycle and that anyone fighter who finishes their opponent through the season and including tonight’s qualifying bouts will receive a $5,000 bonus. The first fight of the evening is


1.) Joey Proctor (7-1) vs. Jordan Rinaldi (5-0)

Both fighters are trying to find their range but missing several shots. Proctor catches a leg kick by Rinaldi and sends him to the floor. He sinks the guillotine and keeps squeezing tighter and tighter until Rinaldi taps.


Winner Joey Proctor: from Pembroke, Massachusetts.


– No color commentary but we do get to listen to coaches Dominick Cruz (Whose team colors are red) and Urijah Faber (Who will be sporting blue) as they evaluate the fighters along with Dana White. When the winners are announced their Twitter handle is shown.


2.) Christiano Marcello vs. Jared Carlson

Marcello is a PRIDE veteran and a Rickson Gracie black belt in BJJ while Carlson is a Eddie Bravo black belt in BJJ. Both start trading low kicks and Carlson connects with a nice knee to the chin. Marcello hits an inside trip and lands in full mount. Marcello lands a few punches and elbows which causes Carlson to give up his back to only be met with a finishing rear-naked choke.


Winner: Christiano Marcello



3.) Sam Sicilla (10-0) vs. Erin Beach (3-1)

It is over almost as soon as it started as Sicilla lands a right hook and knocks Beach silly and the ref jumps in right away to call it off.


Winner: Sam Sicilla: Spokane Washington


4.) Austin Lyons (9-1) vs. Chris Tickle (7-4)

Tickle’s last two wins were over UFC veterans according to Jon Anik. Lots of windmill punches from both fighters until Tickle hits Lyons with a over hand right and a left to Lyons jaw on the way down and the ref calls a halt to the bout. 24 seconds is all it took.


Winner: Chris Tickle: Bloomington, Illinois


– Dana White asks the coaches who they are impressed with so far Dominick Cruz felt all the guys who lost came out slow while Urijah Faber said he is impressed with  Christiano Marcello because he is well rounded.


5.)    Brendan Weafer (6-3) vs. Andy Ogle (8-1)

Ogle takes Weafer down but lands in his guard. Weafer attempts a triangle choke and holds him in position while hammering away with punches. The choke is not working at all as Ogle maintains a solid base and pins Weafer against the fence while landing body shots. The fight is stood up with 23 seconds left and Ogle drops Weafer with a right hand and sinks on a guillotine but Weafer survives to end the round and we go to the judges for a decision.


Winner: Andy Ogle: Newcastle UK


– Chris Tickle’s is interviewed and he says he wants to be on Faber’s team because  it will help him with his wrestling.


6.)    Cody Pfister (7-3) vs. Vinc Pichel  (7-0)

Pichel attempts an omoplata but fails and both fighters scramble back and fourth on the ground until Pichel lands some hard elbows that cut open Pfister and lands a few more punches to the jaw before he sinks a rear-naked choke at 3:39 of the round.


Winner: Vinc Pichel: Simi Valley, California


7.) Mark Glover (5-1-1) vs. John Cofer (7-1) 

After a feeling out process on the feet they clinch against the cage. Glover has good range but he is not good in the clinch according to Dana White. Cofer lands several takedowns while absorbing or avoiding strikes to earn a decision.


Winner: John Cofer: Hull, Georgia


8.) Chase Hackett (5-1) vs. Chris Saunders (9-1)

Hackett has the better promo of the two stating he will win because he is the more handsome fighter. Saunders proves he is the better fighter as throws some leg kicks and attempts a guillotine choke. Hackett survives and they get back to their feet but he doesn’t throw any punches. Saunders takes him down again and attempts another guillotine but Hackett survives as we go to the judges.

Winner: Chris Saunders: Long Beach, California 


Which Coach Will Leave the Octagon as Champion in July?


9.) James Vick (4-0)  vs. Dakota Cochrane (11-2)

Vick has a huge reach advantage at 6-4 compared to Cochrane’s 5’7. Cochrane closes the distance and clinches against the fence. They keep switching positions but they are at a stalemate as no damage or advantage to fighter. The ref breaks them up to restart at the center and Cochrane immediately shoots for another takedown and Vick attempts a choke but Cochrane escapes with seconds left in the fight. Not sure how the judges will score this one.


Winner: James Vick via split decision: Fort Worth, TX



10.)    Mike Chiesa (7-0) vs. Johnavan Vistante (4-1)

Chiesa shoots in quickly and for the takedown and secures a quillotine. Vistante escapes but gives up his back and receives a few punches for his troubles before Chiesa sinks in the rear-naked choke for the submission.


Winner: Mike Chiesa: Spokane, WA



11.)    Mike Rio (8-1) vs. Ali Maclean (9-5-1)

Maclean lands several stiff jabs before Rio lands the takedown and works him over in side control before getting his back and traps him with a body triangle and finishes him with a rear naked choke.


Winner: Mike Rio: Miami, Flordia


12.)  James Krause (14-4) vs. Justin Lawrence (3-0)

It’s the battle of Missouri as both fighters desperately want to get into the house. Lawrence connects with a fast high kick to the head. They circle for a few more seconds until Lawrence lands a vicious left hook that sends Lawrence crumbling down and unleashed a ground and pound assault to finish the job


Winner: Justin Lawrence: Villa Ridge, Missouri 



13.) Drew Dober: (8-3) vs. Daron Cruickshank (10-2) 

Both of Cruickshank’s parents are black belts in Karate and Dober is a former Baker who is fighting to get his mom out of the bad part of Omaha. Cruickshank comes out very aggressive and lands several shots and misses a spinning back kick before taking Dober down. Dober is working very hard for the takedown after taking several shots but he just can’t take him down.

They fight against the fence and Dober hits Cruickshank low with a knee. Dana White says both corners suck because neither are telling their fighters how much time if left. Dober controls Cruickshank in the last couple of seconds but it wasn’t enough to earn the decision.


Winner: Daron Cruickshank: Wayne, MI



14.) Jeremy Larson (8-2) vs. Jeff Smith (9-1)

Its “Handsome” in Larson vs. “The Submission Technician” in Smith. Smith takes Larson down right away and sinks in a tight guillotine but Larson escapes. Larson takes Smith down and almost gets caught in an armbar. Smith traps in a tow hold-hold and switches a kneebar but Larsen escapes and winds up in side control and pounds on him but Smith attempts one last heel hook to close the round.


Winner: Jeremy Larson: Phoenix, AZ


15.) Al Iaquinta (5-1-1) vs. Jon Tuck (6-0­)

Iaquinta was supposed to be on season 12 but had to bail due to a broken hand. Iaquinta catches a body kick from Tuck brings him down to the mat where he ends up in an armbar by Tuck. Iaquinta powers out but Tuck takes his back in a beautiful transition but Iaquinta escapes. Tuck keeps looking down for some reason. Damn, Tuck has a severely messed up toe on his right foot. Iaquinta secures another takedown and finishes the round on top while landing strikes.


Winner: Al Iaquinta: Wantagh, NY 



16.) Akbarh Arreola (19-6-1) vs.  Myles Jury (9-0)

Myles Jury was supposed to be on Brock Lesnar’s team for season 13. Jury takes him down at the speed of light an controls the entire fight with his wrestling against the cage. The ref stood the fight up and Jury takes Arreola down again. Arreola had no answer as Jury felt no threat in his guard which is where the rest of the fight took place. It is revealed during the fight that Jury trains with Dominick Cruz on the regular.


Winner via decision: Myles Jury: San Diego, CA


The Ultimate Fighter 15 Cast

Dana White brings all of the winners together and reminds them about how much they sacrificed to be in the position they are in. “This is just the beginning” says White. ” Congratulations, but this is where the hard work begins. Get ready for the hardest 13 weeks of your life.” White says as the show comes to an end.




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