Geek Pet Peeves: I Want My Cape and Wear it Too

Everyone has a geeky pet peeve that gets under their skin no matter how hard they try to ignore it. Wrestling fans would say seeing The Great Khali on their TV set each week is a pet peeve. Star Wars fans say George Lucas’s original trilogy changes are a pet peeve of the highest magnitude. My geeky pet peeve is one that may be mine and mine alone. I absolutely can’t stand it when the yellow S-shield is missing from Superman’s cape. It’s just something I have never been able to overlook.

To most, The S-shield stands for Superman. However, it’s a family crest representing the House of El and a symbol for hope. It was first introduced by artist Paul Cassidy in 1939’s Action Comics issue 13.

First appearance ever of the Yellow S-Shield

Whenever I pick up a Superman comic book or action figure, the yellow ‘S’ placement is the first thing on my agenda. If it’s there, GOOD, it’s supposed to be. If not, then you are the weakest link, goodbye! Remember the lyrics from Jim Croce’s song “You Don’t Mess Around With Jim”

You don’t tug on Superman’s cape

You don’t spit into the wind

You don’t pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger

How do you expect anyone to know they are tugging on his cape when the yellow “S” is M.I.A.? There is empirical evidence that supports how certain subsidiaries of the Superman franchise have suffered over the gross negligence of this problem. The “S” was nowhere to be found on Brandon Routh’s costume in Superman Returns. The consequences of this travesty resulted in Warner Bros. pulling the plug on the sequel, washing their hands of this debacle, and starting over from scratch. Bryan Singer tried to blame it on C.G.I. because the “S” was unaccounted for. The damage is done, Singer. I hope you can live with yourself.

See what happens when you listen to Bryan Singer

The All-Star Superman animated movie based on Grant Morrison’s epic series was seriously lacking one yellow emblem. What’s the end result? Epic Fail. If you don’t believe me, then look no further than exhibits A.) & B.)

Exhibit A.)

Look how happy he is in the comic book. Calm, shoulders relaxed and at one with himself.  He knows he’s going to die in six issues but did that stop him from taking in the sights and enjoying what times he has left our little planet? No.

Exhibit B.)

He doesn’t look happy at all in this one at all, does he? His Emo disposition suggests he going to jump into a Kryptonite bath faster than a speeding bullet.

If I haven’t convinced you yet, I have one more piece of evidence that will open your eyes.

What wisdom was bestowed upon the brass at DC Comics when they decided to go through with the reboot? It’s not even yellow. It’s black. No wonder why the Superman comic book sucks right now! The title has been one of the top ten selling comics for five months in a row, but I just read the reviews. Most blame George Perez for a sub-par book, and I did too until I figured it out.

The bottom line is that we are doing a huge injustice to a hero who stands for truth and justice. The cape in the new Man of Steel movie won’t have the yellow “S” either. I see Green Lantern level success in Zack Snyder’s future. It’s all because he didn’t have the heart to care about an iconic comic book symbol that is recognized by people all over the world…Just sayin.

7 thoughts on “Geek Pet Peeves: I Want My Cape and Wear it Too

  1. It’s not about the costume, it’s about the man who’s wearing it, I get that its a pet peeve but I don’t blame the failure of for instance superman returns on the missing s emblem at all, I think that’s silly, maybe it’s a because I’m Australian and superman is not as big over here but he is my favourite character and I for instance love the new 52 outfit as well as the outfit in the new man if steel movie, I think they reflect something along the lines of kryptonian robes shall we say, something kryptonians actually would have worn, but as soon as they change the man, I’ll be angry

  2. OK I miss the trademark yellow s on the cape but replacing the red undies with a more defined belt really does work for me, I mean unless the people of krypton wears there undies over their pants. All and all I think this is a vast improvement over the then deadbeat dad returns aka superman returns outfit. Again Just my opinion and I’m a purist. Off topic still love the black and silver outfit. Superman Doomsday that’s the movie we need to relaunch steel super boy and girl, think about it Steel is DC`s ironman. Please and thank you.

  3. Completely agree. Though I do look past it in cases where its missing, Im simply repressing my frustration.
    To me, the cape without the yellow logo is like taking Batmans cape and slapping the Bat symbol in the middle of it, for whatever reasons it just doesnt work.

    Glad to know other people have similar thoughts on the subject. And a nice humorous read too.

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