He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #1 Review

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #1 | Writer: James Robinson | Art: Phillip Tan, Ruy Jose & LeBeau Underwood | Colors: Richard Horie, Tanya Horie & Carrie Strachan | Publisher: DC Comics Price: $2.99

Besides professional wrestling, He-Man defined my childhood as I played with the action figures and my Snake Mountain play set until the cows came home. I didn’t think this book would make the list because I thought it would only appeal to fans of the cartoon.

To my surprise, the story appeals to everyone as it is the tale of a woodsman named Adam, who takes care of his sick father who has delusions of royal dinners in an extravagant palace. While Adam is a good natured, blue collar worker, he has this burning feeling that he is destined for a heroes life.

He decides to leave his village and travel in search of answers when he is attacked by a beastly looking foe with a warning to go back home. Adam is shocked that the attacker knows his name and ends up fighting back with an unexplained skill.

The mystery of the once, and perhaps future, hero captivates the imagination because a new fan wants to see what will materialize while hardcore He-Man fans are dying to know WTF happened to Eternia?

Why does Adam have no memory?

And how did Skeletor conquer the power of Grayskull?

Grade: B+

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