The Walking Dead #100 Review

The Walking Dead #100 | Writer: Robert Kirkman | Art: Charlie Adlard | Colors: Cliff Rathburn | Publisher: Image Comics | Price: $3.99

Most people, including myself, were expecting some sort of second zombie apocalypse. While this didn’t happen, fans paid one dollar more for 30 uninterrupted well-paced pages that changed everything for Rick and company.

We also see Negan for the first time, and on top of expressing the F-Word’s diversity like no other, he is an arrogant and relentless psychopath.

Yes, someone dies, and Negan is the cause of it.

I thought the Governor’s pet zombie girl was the most graphic occurrence in the comics’ history until I saw what happens in this issue. Negan took a life without mercy and didn’t think twice about it as it was all a game to him.

One minute I was horrified and wanted someone to help, and the next, I wanted this poor soul’s suffering to end.

The final words, and the context they were said in, has the potential to make you shed a tear and salivate for the day where this murdering lunatic gets his just desserts.

Grade: A

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