Batman & Robin #0 Review: One Cute Book

Batman & Robin #0 | Writer: Peter J. Tomasi | Art: Patrick Gleason & Mick Gray | Colors: John Kalisz |Publisher: DC Comics | Price: $2.99

The book may be titled “Batman & Robin,” but this series has always been about the pint-sized assassin, Damian. Over the last twelve months, we’ve seen the son of Bruce Wayne struggle with his morality. He was bred to be a masterful killer since the day he was born and has a hard time fighting the urge to kill.

The newest Robin is as arrogant as he is deadly, but this zero issue takes us back to a time when Damien was just a playful child. That period of time was brief, but still, it sent a powerful message that there was once innocence where there is now violence. Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray drew the best and most heartfelt comic book image of the week. Three-year-old Damian stumbles upon a particular cape and cowl and puts it on. When Talia al Ghul, his mother, turns around, he is wearing said cape and cowl, and with a twinkle in his eye, he says, “Look, I’m a BAT.”

Their relationship takes center stage throughout the issue, and it’s revealing to see how Damian became the person he is today. In my opinion, the only zero issues that have really shed any real light on the past are the Batman titles, and this is another prime example of the zero one concept done right.

Grade: A

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