How Did You Become A Wrestling Fan?

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner and while we all have things in our life to be thankful for, I think wrestling can appear on that list in some way, shape, or form. Wrestling fans come from all walks of life and all of us having our own likes and dislikes about the business. Some are casual WWE fans while others are hardcore fans who simply can’t get enough of their favorite pastime.

 While we all might not agree on various topics, we share a love for the game. So, how did this happen? What caused you to become a wrestling fan? Was it something you saw on TV, an article you read in a magazine or did the IWC get their hooks into you? Are you a fan of the matches or are you in it for the storylines? I encourage everyone to post in the comment section and talk about the where, when, why and how you became a wrestling fan. It’s only fair that I go first.


I was seven years old when I first heard of professional wrestling. My best friend at the time invited me over his house to watch WrestleMania IV on pay-per-view. I watched it, but it didn’t appeal to me. Four months later I caught an episode of The Superstars of Wrestling. The show opened with The Mega Powers hyping their match against The Mega Bucks at Summer Slam 88. I watched the entire episode in awe as wrestlers named Hacksaw Jim Duggan and The British Bulldogs dispatched their opponents with ease. The main event featured WWF Champion Macho Man Randy Savage taking on Conquistador #1.


I was hooked. Nothing else in life mattered. I had to see every heel get their comeuppance and every baby face’s victory. For years I was that fan who believed WWF was the only, the everything, the truth in professional wrestling. And yes, I even believed it was real for a brief period of time.


Every wrestling magazine was mine for the taking and my social life on Monday nights was nonexistent. Wrestling t-shirts were a regular part of my wardrobe which ensured my inability to get a single date in high school until the “Attitude Era” made wrestling cool during my junior year.


My parent’s cable bill was littered with pay-per-view event charges and I will always be thankful for their generosity considering things were not always easy for us. All of this along with learning about other wrestling promotions over the years would only magnify the super mark I was destined to become. Now, I want to hear from you guys. Please feel free to share anything you want regarding your road to wrestling fandom and beyond.

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